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There can be a myriad of reasons why people have issues with weight. It could be that you are using food as a way of dealing with emotional issues, it could be down to becoming a new parent and finding it difficult to juggle a healthy lifestyle with the pressures of day to day life. Or, it could be that you don’t possess that innate ability to know when to stop eating that comes so naturally to slim people.

Whatever the reason for your weight gain, the Russell Hemmings Weight Control Programmes can change the way you think and feel about food using the transformational power of hypnotherapy. So if you struggle to stick to a diet, because you haven’t got the long term will power to see you through to your target weight, get ready to be amazed at the results.

Russell has achieved dramatic weight change for his private clients throughout the world and now you can tap into his latest weight control therapies and start the journey to a new you today.

Instant Download - Self Hypnosis

Russell Hemmings helps you to unlock your true potential through self hypnosis. Using the latest techniques in hypnotherapy, ultra relaxing background music, a short introduction explaining how hypnosis works and a full self hypnosis hypnotherapy session, this download will help to build confidence, quell anxiety and allow you to achieve your personal goals.
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