Incredible story of Louise's fear of stairs

Louise Wilson (left) had a fear of stairs that was triggered by a bad fall as a child and it was a fear that had a massive impact on her life. She would shuffle up and down her own stairs on her bottom, turn down jobs if it meant climbing stairs and organise her life and meetings on a ground-floor basis. Now, thanks to Russell, she has conquered her fear. You can read more about Louise's story by clicking on the links below.

Russell Hemmings hypnosis weight loss for Corina
Russell Hemmings weight loss hypnotherapy

I was hypnotised to be thin

Junk food addict Corina Ciobanu hated being 105kg but she didn’t know how to lose weight until she chanced upon hypnotherapy...


Russell Hemmings
Unexpected Perks of the Job!

Unexpected Perks of the Job!

He’s dedicated his life to helping others through the power of hypnosis, but little did Russell Hemmings know it would also affect him so radically.

Russell has helped so many people with a range of issues through the power of hypnotherapy. He specialises in helping clients with weight problems overcome both their physical and emotional battles with food. His expertise in this area is also enhanced by his own personal experiences and he has been able to help hundreds of clients achieve their target weight.


Amazing case of Claire's Diet Coke addiction

Russell successfully cured Claire Ayton of her addiction to Diet Coke. She drank an incredible 14 two-litre bottles a week, but after a course of hypnotherapy no longer hungers for the fizzy drink. Her story was picked up by the local media, then the national media and word even reached as far as New Zealand and South Africa. You can also watch Claire's story as told on Australian TV or read all about it too... just click on the links below.

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