Picture of Instant Download - Public Speaking and Presentation Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Instant Download - Public Speaking and Presentation Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Put your fears to rest and really impress with your public speaking. This high quality audio presentation features ultra relaxing background music coupled with the soothing and relaxing voice of Russell Hemmings.
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Public Speaking and Performance Anxiety

It doesn’t matter whether you are successful and confident in your career and personal life, speaking in front of an audience can send even the strongest of us rushing for the wings, trembling with fright.

Performance anxiety is not about being weak, but rather, it’s an emotional reaction to feeling vulnerable and exposed. What if people laugh or criticise? What if you can’t remember what to say and clam-up on stage? All of these fears provoke the fight or flight response, and flight tends to dominate! And of course the build-up to the performance itself has only served to heighten those sub-conscious fears, so that when the day dawns you’re ready to run. This Russell Hemmings instant download will give you the inner confidence to perform at your very best. By re-training your brain to overcome the anxiety associated to performing in public, it will help you to prepare in the best way possible, so that you can face your audience and shine.

What's included:

Complete Self Hypnosis hypnotherapy session - please listen to this session prior to listening to your Public Speaking session, this prepares you and gets you accustomed to the enjoyable and relaxed hypnosis state.

  • Introduction to Public Speaking and Presentation Anxiety hypnotherapy from Russell Hemmings
  • A full Public Speaking and Presentation Anxiety hypnotherapy session with Russell Hemmings
  • Hypnotherapy Booklet
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