Picture of Instant Download - Freedom from Fear - FLYING

Instant Download - Freedom from Fear - FLYING

In this download therapy programme, Russell will help you overcome your fear of flying once and for all. You will be able to take that vacation, business trip or visit family without the fear, panic or anxiety you feel now.
د.إ.‏ 884.97 (AED)

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Freedom from Fear - FLYING

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By committing to this programme, you will take the first step on your journey; a journey which will end with you confidently and happily taking to the air.

There are six parts to the therapy. Three are information and three are the actual therapy sessions. To begin the treatment, you should listen to each part in order, so 1 to 6. Then go back and listen to the three therapy sessions as often as you can, normally increasing the frequency nearer to your flight date.

There is nothing to worry about when using this programme, it’s a relaxing and peaceful experience.

You will be taught techniques to achieve the deepest relaxation, which will allow your sub-conscious mind to become open to the process of dealing with your fear of flying and change will occur naturally.

What's included;

1. Introduction to Fear of Flying
2. Introduction to hypnotherapy
3. Self Hypnosis hypnotherapy session - (25min)
4. Panic Attack hypnotherapy session - (35min)
5. Fear of Flying hypnotherapy session - (40min)
6. Sign off from Russell
Information booklet

Remember, myself, my team and the growing Hemmings' Community online are available for help, guidance and support.