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Hypertension Hypnotherapy

Instant download. 2 complete sessions. Being diagnosed with hypertension doesn’t always mean that you have to resign yourself to a life of taking medication. By making changes to your lifestyle, you can make positive changes to your blood pressure. World renowned hypnotherapist Russell Hemmings uses groundbreaking techniques to give you the motivation to transform your life and lower your blood pressure for good.
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Lifestyle Change - Hypertension

Russell is known across the globe for his ability to help people make significant changes to their lives. High blood pressure is often the result of weight gain, exposure to stress, smoking, physical inactivity and increased alcohol intake. These are often the things we want to change, but don’t have the willpower to achieve our goals. Russell’s specialist hypnotherapy techniques work by re-programming your sub-conscious, so that you can make changes that you previously never thought possible by transforming the way you think, look and feel. Simply follow the programme and the results will speak for themselves.

What's included:

1. Introduction to Hypertension
2. Introduction to hypnotherapy
3. Self Hypnosis hypnotherapy session - (25min)
4. Hypertension hypnotherapy session - (28min)
5. Sign off

Featuring ultra relaxing background music, two short introductions explaining how hypertension occurs and how hypnotherapy works. Followed by full Self Hypnosis and Hypertension hypnotherapy sessions, Russell's cutting edge approach helps you to achieve true lifestyle change.

Note. Do not stop taking your prescribed medication - we work inconjunction with our healthcare colleagues. Seek regular updates on your condition.

Remember, Russell, his team and the growing Hemmings community online are available for help, guidance and support.