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Kick-Start The New You!

Are you tired of being overweight and under motivated? Maybe lacking in self confidence yet ready for personal change? You know you want to make changes but don't know where to begin... well, this is a great place to start, with a Kick-Start! In fact we're going to Kick-Start The New You.
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Kick-Start The New You!
Want to be slimmer, fitter, more healthy and bursting with confidence? Yes? Then this new audio package is for you!

4 Complete Hypnosis Downloads from world renowned hypnotherapist, Russell hemmings. 

From these downloads, I'll introduce you to Self Hypnosis, you'll learn to prepare yourself for the awesome lifestyle and bodyshape changes coming your way. We will tackle your weight with my Weight Control therapy. Your willpower and self-confidence will be boosted with my latest Confidence recording and finally your fitness will improve with Motivation For Exercise.

Ready for the challenge? Ready to make the change? Ready to discover the 'real new you'? Let's get started - kick-started!