I lost 25kg on the hypnodiet!

A look back at Emma's remarkable story

When Emma Eveleigh-Anderton walked through my doors, she was 25 kilos overweight, lived on a diet of junk food and rarely did any exercise at all. Juggling being a mum with also being the CEO of her own company, it quickly became apparent to me in that first session that stress was at the heart of her overeating.

Emma had felt so desperate about her weight and her inability to resist foods that were doing her more harm than good - she’d already contemplated going under the surgeon’s knife to have a gastric band fitted. However, she was worried about having the operation and wanted to find a more natural way to tackle her issue. She’d read about my pioneering work in the sphere of using hypnosis to make the mind believe that a gastric band had actually been fitted, which causes the client to feel full after just a few mouthfuls of food, even though nothing is physically there. My ‘Advanced Hypnotic Gastric Band’ had been developed and successfully used over several years, helping many people lose weight and gain health, all without an operating theatre or a hospital gown in sight.

“The experience was amazing,” recalls Emma. After running through the procedure, Russell hypnotised me into believing I had actually gone through a real gastric band operation. Between sessions I already felt really different. I found I could only eat small amounts of food before I felt satisfied. In fact I felt completely different about food. I no longer craved the rubbish I’d been eating and opted for healthy, nutritious food naturally rather than thinking about it all of the time. After several more sessions, I had completely changed my eating habits and the weight was already starting to fall off.”

Emma lost all 25 kilos of her excess weight and went from a UK dress size of 18 right down to a size 8, feeling much healthier in the process.

The Hemmings Way
“I also started to exercise as I felt much more motivated and capable of sustaining a fitness regime. What was wonderful was the fact that I had so much more energy. Russell taught me how to put balance back in my life and use exercise as an antidote to stress. This really chimed with me and now a day doesn’t go by when I’m not doing some type of exercise. I feel great, look much healthier and when I went to visit Russell six months after the therapy had finished he actually didn’t recognise me. He thought I was a different person… and actually he was right… I’ve left that overweight, stressed and tired mum behind and I’m really enjoying my new life! Thanks Russell!”
My success with Emma brought with it considerable international media interest, with the story becoming a global sensation – this in turn, helped more people understand the extraordinary benefits of weight loss hypnosis.

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