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Paulami’s Story

Often seeing a photograph of ourselves is a great motivator to do something about those extra kilos and it was exactly this that motivated 30 year old Paulami to contact Russell. Hers was a familiar story. She had piled on the weight after having her little boy and felt lethargic at a time when she needed all of the energy she could get.

It all started when she saw a photograph of herself at her son’s birthday party. Even her little boy asked why she was so fat, which of course really struck home like the innocent words of children often do. Sometimes, it takes a hit of reality for the message to sink in. This was her turning point. She knew she wanted to make the changes and she knew the perfect person to help her.

After reading about Russell’s success with in helping his clients lose weight and feel great in Friday Magazine, Paulami was convinced Russell could help her too. After just four sessions with Russell, she not only found the weight was dropping off, but she also felt motivated to exercise. Now life has totally changed for her. She’s lost a massive 22 kilos and spends up to four hours a week exercising. She can choose the clothes she likes and is quite happy to have her photo taken again. And what does she put her success down to?

"Every positive change I made felt so natural, as if I’d been behaving like that for years. It was totally amazing. My family and friends were so impressed and many of them wanted to know my secret. Of course I shared it with them, because I knew if The Hemmings Way could work for me it could work for anybody! Looking at the pictures of the old me, makes me feel strange. One thing I know for certain is I’d never go back to my old ways of eating and doing so little exercise. I’m just not like that now!”

Paulami is one of the many thousands of people across the globe who have followed The Hemmings Way and taken the most amazing weight loss journey to health and happiness. So why not join them and see how easy it is for yourself?

The Hemmings Way
“It was Russell’s unique weight loss system that made the difference. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to follow. It fitted in with my life and the hypnotherapy meant that my behaviour around food changed completely. I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t even think about snacking on all that unhealthy food I’d been eating before and I actually felt compelled to exercise.”
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