Ramon – Anxiety tamed, confidence regained

Living with constant anxiety is exhausting. Twenty-year-old Ramon Brand can testify to that: “I was overwhelmed by constant worry about what the future would hold for me. This became so overpowering that I started to obsess about small details, which took up a huge amount of time and drained me of energy.”

He couldn’t fall asleep until he had performed a ritual of double-checking whether the light switches were off and his compulsions were becoming increasingly worse. “I would obsess over unrealistic and irrational situations and be in a constant battle in my head with my fears. I got to the point where I would feel physically sick and need to sit down and just think the situation through, which often made it worse.”

Ramon knew he couldn’t carry on like this. Like any young man, he had hopes and dreams for the future, which he knew might not be realized if he didn’t get his anxiety under control. After reading an article about my work with anxiety sufferers in Friday Magazine, he felt that I might be able to help him too. When he walked through the door, he seemed uncertain. His confidence had taken a battering and he was visibly concerned about what to expect. After allaying his worries, I got to work unpicking the layers of his anxiety to get to the root of the problem. This kind of talking therapy helps enormously when it comes to exploring underlying issues. When it’s combined with the power of hypnosis, results can be astonishing.

The Hemmings Way
“After I met Russell, we went through my situation step by step and addressed the problem from the core. Russell would often bring something up that I would be blindsided by, only to realize just how true it is a day or two later. After only a few sessions, I felt much more relaxed and able to control my emotions and thoughts thoroughly. What I think is the biggest factor for me, is not the fact that I am practically cured from the majority of my initial concerns, but the fact that I feel so much more emotional confidence for my future and I feel able to handle any situation that might arise with resilience. To me it wasn't just about the cure, but the permanent tools to help myself that Russell has given me. They are tools for life. Thank you Russell!”
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