Shreyas Karthik – An amazing transformation!

I just wanted to say huge congratulations to one of my young clients Shreyas Karthik. I’ve just found out from his mum Padmapriya that he scored a centum in his Grade 10 Computer Science exam and an overall score of 90.8% across all of his subjects. This is truly phenomenal considering where Sheryas was at when he first came to see me.

This gifted young man had been through very difficult times at school. He’d been the victim of bullying and this had robbed him of his confidence and self-esteem. His natural instinct had been to withdraw from the world he found so threatening. Naturally, his parents were deeply worried for him, especially when his academic work, normally so impressive, had started to slip. They knew they wanted to help him turn things around, but they weren’t sure how to do it alone.

After reading of my successes with other children who had undergone emotionally difficult times, Pamapriya decided to get in touch to see if I could help Shreyas.

On meeting him, I could instantly see that this was a boy who needed to work on his low confidence and understand his own self-worth. So that’s exactly what we did and I’m thrilled to say that all our hard work together has paid off! And I’m so pleased his mum agrees…

The Hemmings Way
“After just a couple of sessions I could already see a big difference in Shreyas,” recalls his Padmapriya. “He became so much more confident. He’d now been taught how to handle the bullies and this was incredibly liberating for him. Now he can totally ignore any negative comments and focus on the things that are important to him. He’s fully aware of the importance of academic achievement to his future and now he is doing really well at school. We’ve got the old Shreyas back. Now he enjoys participating in a variety of activities, which is so much healthier. His confidence has rocketed, he’s happy and he’s ready to take on the academic challenge of the future!”
So, a big well done to Shreyas! He deserves every shred of success he’s achieved this year and I know this intelligent and likeable young man is going to go from strength to strength.

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