From parent panic to happy mum

Zahra’s Story

When Zahra Sameer Rivzi first called my office, my secretary was so concerned about her that at the first opportunity she had me call her back. On the other end of the line, I was greeted by a young woman who was clearly feeling the desperation of her situation. She explained that she had been suffering from depression and anxiety for some months. In turn this had caused her to begin experiencing acute panic attacks and it was clearly having a devastating effect on her well-being and her family life.

During the first conversation, she admitted to also feeling intense anger and she was petrified she would direct these feelings towards her two beautiful children. At that moment in time she felt both hopeless and powerless to halt the progress of her debilitating condition. Hearing these words, I wasted no time in arranging an appointment.

Difficult past experiences and events had gradually had a detrimental effect on her emotions and Zahra had been carrying the increasingly heavy weight of these in the last few months. Slowly, after an emotional, she opened up about the fact she had a constant irrational feelings of anger and hurt that welled up, because she hadn’t been able to deal with them previously. I could see it was my job to help her explore and understand these feelings and to break the cycle of panic and fear that was making her feel so bad. I decided my Freedom From Fear programme was absolutely right for her and because she was feeling so unhappy, we began almost straight away.

I was thrilled when after the first few sessions; she contacted me to tell me she was feeling on top of the world. The panic attacks had completely disappeared and her old positive self was returning. I’ll let her tell you in her own moving words…

The Hemmings Way
“I just wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to you Russell for the incredible experience I’ve had. I didn’t think it would ever be possible to be free from that prison of sadness and fear. My toxic mind has been transformed and all of the negative and irrational thinking that caused the panic attacks has disappeared and been replaced by happy and positive thoughts. The best thing for me has been that I have started having fun with my kids again. To see their smiling faces looking up at me moved me to tears. They look so pleased to have their mummy back! Thank you for curing me – you have given me back my life.”
I understand panic and anxiety issues more than most, I encounter people suffering with this debilitating condition virtually everyday. But more than this, it's widely documented that many years ago I encountered and experienced panic attacks myself, in-fact, this was a contributing factor in me beginning my mission to help others in the first place. So I really do understand. I have cured hundreds of people and I can cure you - contact me. Russell.

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