Firstly, before hypnotherapy will be considered as a treatment option, you have to want to give-up your addiction. If someone is offering to pay for your treatment or you are doing it for someone else, it just won’t work.

During hypnosis your therapist can help you gain control over your life in many ways. They can help set goals and targets, suggest ways in which behaviour can be modified by proposing ways in which existing practices are carried out and ways in which targets can be met.

  • People can develop addictions to substances, behaviors or activities
  • We are here to help, regardless of the nature of your addiction

How can hypnotherapy help?

We use a mix of Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming to help you beat your addiction without the need for any stress or withdrawal symptoms.

Our friendly therapists understand that you may know very little about hypnosis, so they will always have a chat with you over the phone beforehand to answer any questions you may have, and find out more about your motivations for stopping your addiction.

Whatever your addiction – whether it's smoking, gambling or drinking – we can help you take control of your life. Likewise, whether your addiction is shopping or chocolate – we will help you stop.

You can read more about how hypnotherapy can help with specific addictions by visiting our 'your issue' page and clicking on the relevant link.

What addiction sufferers say...

“For the last 35 years, not a day has gone by without using cannabis. Having been unable to stop the habit, I can’t believe I can now say I am drug-free, and have been for the last six months – with no intention to restart. In fact I was spending fifty pound a week, which I am pleased to say I am now using much more wisely. You really have helped me and thank you so much. Your addiction therapy really worked for me and I would recommend it to anybody. Many thanks.”

Ann, Holbrooks




“Thanks Russ. I have really enjoyed working with you to beat my gambling addiction. If anyone out there gambles and wants to stop then I’d definitely recommend a consultation with Russell. It worked for me and it worked for my friends too.”

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