Anger Management

Is anger ruining your life and the lives of others?

Anger is an emotional state that varies in intensity, ranging from mild irritation to extreme violent rage and, like other emotions, it creates changes in the body. It is accompanied by arousal of the nervous system and the adrenal glands, causing the heart to beat rapidly. This causes you to think irrationally.

It is obvious how anger can damage relationships.

If you are angry and out of control, and it's affecting your relationships and quality of life, you may benefit from hypnotherapy.

Anger Management
  • Stay in control
  • Remain calm and relaxed
  • Manage your feelings
  • Understand yourself
  • Become positive
  • Develop relationships

How can we help?

Anger is an emotion that we have all experienced at one time or another and is often misunderstood, but it is a negative feeling.

Some people get angry all the time and over the smallest of incidents and this can trigger that anger. Other people can rarely get angry, and sometimes we can become furious and anger can last for long periods of time.

Anger can be very destructive – not only to the people associated with the sufferer, but to the sufferer as well.
Long-term anger can lead to medical problems such as stroke, heart disease and hypertension.

Hypnotherapy is effective in the management of anger because anger is not generated from the conscious mind it's generated on an unconscious level. When we use hypnosis we can access the unconscious mind and change the way you feel about situations that make you angry.

If you think you are becoming angry too often, too intensely or for too long call the centre to discuss what we can do to help you.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. 

What anger sufferers say...

“I was always worried something might make me angry and I’d lose control of my temper. It had reached the point where I’d rather stay indoors than leave the house, just in case I got mad. Then someone told me about Russell and I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. I must say it has had an incredible effect on my life. I have the tools and techniques to help me keep my anger in check. At last I am in control of my anger and it is no longer in control of me. Thanks Russ.”

Marco, Dorking