Children's Anxiety

Unfortunately, anxiety in children is more common today than ever before. Our fast-paced society, together with pressures to do well at school and keep up with the latest trends in fashion and gadgetry and the 'compete to win' philosophy have all had an adverse effect on the emotional wellbeing of our children.

If you feel your child is under unnecessary strain and that symptoms of anxiety are beginning to appear then hypnotherapy could be the key to regaining a balanced, anxiety-free childhood. There are, of course, methods of helping ease your child's anxiety before committing to a course of hypnotherapy.

Children's Anxiety
  • Listen to your child and don't dismiss their concerns by telling them not to worry about it
  • Offer a cuddle and comfort
  • Do something that distracts them, such as something they really enjoy doing that occupies their mind
  • Exersice – get outdoors and get the pulse rate up with some physical activity
  • Make sure your child gets enough sleep
  • Make sure your child is eating healthily
  • Don't push them – too much activity such as an overload of after-school clubs or classes can be a bad thing
  • Set an example by remaining calm yourself
  • Avoid changing routines

Children can suffer from different types of anxiety including:
• Separation anxiety – when a child feels vulnerable without its parents. They can be clingy, refuse to go to school and dislike sleeping alone
• General anxiety – when children worry about all things, from school, homework and sports day to earthquakes and floods
• Social anxiety – when a child, usually mid-teens, feels uncomfortable in social situations
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
• Attentioin Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
• Panic Attacks
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder As with adult versions of the same anxieties, there are symptoms that can include palpitations, sweating, tension, blushing and shortness of breath.

Treating childhood anxiety as early as possible will give your child a better chance of a balanced, anxiety-free future... a happier and healthier life.

Hypnotherapy can help children overcome their anxiety

Using special techniques, and making your child feel fully at ease, hypnotherapy can address the underlying issues that are at the root of the anxiety. With Neuro Linguistic Programming and direct suggestion therapy your child will learn how to ward off feelings of anxiety and how to recognise situations in which anxiety may surface and in turn how to approach those situations differently. Hypnotherapy can tackle the associated issues that may be causing your child to feel anxious, such as self-confidence and self-esteem issues, adjustment issues, bereavement or illness.

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