Chocolate Addiction

Many people smile at the thought of chocolate addiction, but for those who can't go a day, an hour, or a moment without eating or thinking about chocolate it's no laughing matter. However trivial it may seem, addiction to chocolate can be far more serious than we realise.

One of the obvious effects is that of weight gain, but there's also the damage that excessive sugars can do to teeth – both factors that can alter someone's appearance and in turn knock their confidence. This can lead to a downward slope that effects happiness, bringing on feelings of guilt, worthlessness and depression. Again these emotions can have an adverse effect on health and the whole circle of negativity only seems to lead to a need to take comfort in chocolate.

Breaking the cycle can be as daunting and difficult as coming off hard drugs or alcohol – in a lot of cases it is the same trigger or triggers that cause someone to look for comfort or release in artificial highs, whether that be the high of drugs, the headiness of drunkenness or the sweet comfort of eating chocolate.

As mentioned earlier, it's no laughing matter and at the Bridge Therapy Clinic we take all enquiries seriously and do not judge anyone, their issues or their appearance – so if you feel chocolate isn't making your life sweet, there's no need to be embarrassed – come and visit us or give us a call for a friendly chat.

Chocolate Addiction
  • Hypnotherapy – in the same way that it works for many addictions – establishes the reasons that cause the addict to over indulge in eating chocolate. It then unravels these principles and replaces them with a positive alternatives.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy – in the same way that it works for many addictions – establishes the reasons that cause the addict to over indulge in eating chocolate. It then unravels these principles and replaces them with a positive alternatives. It directly targets compulsive behaviours to remove the craving and bypasses the conscious mind that deals with will power and treats the subconscious mind that deals with your true feelings about chocolate. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming in conjunction with hypnotherapy, you will learn the techniques of how to control your mind so that the triggers that cause you to crave chocolate are eliminated.

Some people may find their craving subside with immediate effect while others may need a course of sessions until they feel they are completely free of their urges, but the willingness to succeed is a key factor in beating your chocolate addiction.

Yvonne's story

Hands up if you're one of those people who simply cannot get through a day without a dose of chocolate. Do you feel you are addicted? At the mercy of that delicious taste?
Would you like to be free from this grip?

Today I'd like to introduce you to Yvonne from Derby who was - I don't think she'll mind me saying - slightly obsessed with chocolate. She would hide it all around the house and use the excuse that she was buying it for her family when in fact it was only really her eating it all.

Since being hypnotised last year to manage her cravings, she has lost nearly 2 stone just from cutting it out of her diet. And she says she's not that fussed about eating chocolate at all any more.

So here is Yvonne in her own words; I wonder how many of you recognise this story?

"I always had to have chocolate in the house. I would panic if I didn't. I would use the excuse that I was buying it all for the children; multipacks of 6 or 8 bars. But during the day I would eat quite a lot of myself. And then because there wasn't chocolate in the house any more I would go out and buy another pack. It was a vicious circle.

I would take chocolate to work, leave it in the car, in the drawer under my bed and because I am a nurse and work nights three times a week I would eat a bar of chocolate to keep me going when my sugar levels dropped.

At Easter I would go totally overboard buying the children ridiculous amounts.

I almost made a mental connection with hot drinks, because if I had one I would HAVE to have a chocolate bar with it. It wasn't hunger it was just compulsion. I couldn't live without a few bars a day.

But then it got to the point where I was the heaviest I had ever been; heavier even than when I was at full-term pregnancy!

So after seeing the story of Emma and her weight loss in Women's Own magazine I booked up with Russell. Since those sessions I haven't touched chocolate! A few weeks ago I was at the hairdressers and I would normally have a hot chocolate to drink but this time I asked for a coffee. Only when it came back it had chocolate sprinkles on the top. And I couldn't drink them. I had to scrape them off and put them in my husband's empty cup!

I can buy chocolate now and it doesn't bother me at all. At Christmas when all the chocolate selections come around the office I didn't have one. Not one. No one can quite believe it because they've never known me not eat chocolate!

But since my hypnotherapy sessions in July, I've lost 1st 10lbs - and that is literally from cutting out the chocolate bars. I am utterly delighted."

If you are in the grip of a food craving you want to be freed from, I can help. There are many others I've successfully treated for addiction to chocolate; check out some of their testimonials on the right.

What former chocolate addicts say...

“I contacted Russ after seeing him featured in The Daily Mail. I initially wanted the Hypnodiet treatment that had been featured, but he said first off you have a very sweet tooth so we need to deal with that. After one treatment I went shopping and didn’t go near the stuff! I couldn’t believe it: I stopped consciously thinking about chocolate and found I could just walk away with it without caring. That is something I could NEVER have done before! I was diagnosed coeliac last year and found I couldn’t stop eating the things I wasn’t supposed to; as soon as they told me I couldn’t have it I wanted it and so just ballooned. But after my first treatment with Russ I felt so much better in myself. My eating habits have really changed; I actually eat when I’m hungry. I was a bottomless pit before and now I have more control. I just couldn’t stop my addiction to eating any more. I don’t find myself browsing though cupboards looking for something to snack – and that’s something I never thought I’d be able to say!”





“I loved chocolate so much it was beginning to take over my life, so much so that I would become anxious if I didn’t have any to hand. I realised I had to take control and put my dependency in its place – and that’s where Russ came in. With his help I am no longer a chocoholic – which may sound amusing, but it really is no laughing matter. As a result I am anxiety free and a lot happier.”





“My love of chocolate was getting out of hand. So much so that I’d get twitchy if I didn’t have any in my pocket or handbag. I’d become tetchy and angry if there was some reason if I couldn’t get hold of any. Russell has helped me put a stop to all of that now and I have a healthy and happy relationship and attitude toward chocolate.





“I love chocolate too much, but I didn’t think it was a problem. I eventually realised I had to do something when I started gaining weight. I was cutting out meals and wasn’t eating properly. Russell cured me after I gave The Bridge Clinic a call. Now I think I’m a nicer person because I am a lot happier and my life and eating has a sense of balance. Thanks Russell.”





“I was eating chocolate every day. I felt like a drug addict; nothing existed apart from I must eat chocolate – I felt it was a true addiction. Now I wouldn’t bother if I never saw chocolate again. It’s bizarre – I was in Tesco the other day and was able to walk on by the chocolate stand and just smile and that’s something I could never have done. I would have put some in my basket. It’s an amazing feat that I was so addicted to and now I don’t give it a second thought.”