Sometimes nervousness or stress can bring about small habits that can become difficult to shift, developing into behaviour that is hard to control and detrimental to self-confidence. One of the most common habits of this type is coughing or throat clearing for no apparent reason.

These types of coughs will stop when the sufferer is at rest, unlike a pathological cough which would persist. When a sufferer becomes aware of their coughing or throat clearing habit they become increasingly self-conscious about it, often exacerbating the problem.

Sometimes triggered by a real cough or illness such as bronchitis, the nervous cough habit is very prevalent in children and teens. The other most common sufferer is the high achiever who may under a lot of pressure.

  • The best approach in treating a coughing or throat clearing habit is to address the underlying causes. Hypnotherapy helps sufferers to recognise and ignore the triggers that start the impulse to cough, and because the habit is an unconscious behaviour, ie. is done without even thinking about it, hypnotherapy is very effective, accessing the deeper parts of the mind that control this type of behaviour and changing them for good.

Once the patient has learned to ignore the triggers they will stop coughing or clearing their throat, this helps to instill a sub-conscious understanding that there is no need to cough and the habit then disappears.

Hypnotherapy is the key to beating a coughing habit. You'll be amazed how the relaxing treatment will soon dispel your habit, making you feel happier and more self-confident and a lot less self-conscious.

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