Exam Fears

Sometimes it seems it doesn't matter how well prepared we are, when it comes down to that vital moment our minds go blank. Such is the worry of those facing exams – exams that could determine the future. It's no wonder that for some people this concern becomes so ingrained that the thought of an exam spells failure.

It's completely natural to be nervous for an exam, but if all the study has been done and the knowledge has been learned why should it evade us at the vital moment. Well, it's all down to a state of mind and in an exam situation we rely on memory to recall the necessary information.

If our mind is in a state of disarray and stress then it is less likely to recall any information, and so as the stress escalates the memory fails and as the memory fails the stress escalates. It's a cycle that can begin at the very thought of an exam.

Exam Fears

How can hypnotherapy help?

By training the mind to stay focused and relaxed, hypnotherapy enables the nervous examinee to keep a state of mind whereby their memory is more accessible, helping them recall all the knowledge they have learned and answer the questions they have revised for. A course of hypnotherapy can make all the difference to someone with exam fears – and if they put in the hours studying then the chances of success on their side.

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