Children and tics

If you suffer from a tic then you'll know that they can be very embarrassing. Tics in children are often short-lived but in that time can have a profound effect on confidence and self-esteem.

Most of the time a transient tic disorder (short term) will rectify itself, but sometimes the problems persist beyond childhood or reappear in adulthood. Facial tics include repetitive, involuntary spasmodic muscle twitching, often involving the eyes and facial muscles.

Children and tics
  • Eye blinking
  • Squinting
  • Nose twitching
  • Mouth twitching
  • Facial grimacing
  • Repetitive throat clearing or grunting

Often these tics may bother parents more than the child and the response from other children can also be upsetting and may cause a child to become self-conscious of their tic problem.

Many nervous tics are the result of underlying psychological stress that is deeply suppressed. Often nervous tics develop after experiencing a psychological problem or an emotional trauma. Stress, tiredness or high energy emotions may cause tics to worsen.

Tics rarely pose any true a physical or psychological threat. When nervous tics first arise they can often be controlled. But if the problem continues over time they can become automatic and in some cases persist into adulthood.


Deciding to treat nervous tics depends on the effect they may be having on an individual's life. Nervous twitches or spasms can make life very uncomfortable, especially in childhood when children can be cruel or tactless. The situation worsens as the victim tries to get rid of them. It seems the harder they try the more the tic increases. Simple tics can be treated easily but ones which have a complex or psychological background may mean that children have to confront deeper issues during a course of hypnotherapy.

Most facial tics are treated with behavioral treatments. Counselling has been discovered as an efficient way to fight tics but even more effective is treatent using hypnotherapy or NLP. With the help of the unconscious mind, tics can be eliminated completely. The advantage of hypnotherapy and NLP, which have been proven to be extremely effective, is that they are completely natural and have no side effects. We offer a fully confidential service and are more than happy to talk over your issues before you commit to your child undergoing any treatment.

Worried mums are much happier...

My son developed his ‘tics’ in Year 1 after a change at school and conventional medical advice was taken. This basically came down to ‘he will grow out of it’. This was not the case and the ‘tics’ manifested themselves in various forms over the next two years. So it was time to try something else – hypnotherapy. I had been recommended to try The Bridge Therapy Centre, and right from the initial contact they have shown support for my son. Russell put my son at ease and talked directly to him without putting pressure on him. He clearly explained what he was doing at each stage. A lot was packed into the first session and the results were promising! During the first week he improved over 80%. His improvement has continued with another session and so has his confidence.”