Writer's Block

Hypnotherapy can be a great tool in overcoming writer's block, mainly because it can deal with all the underlying issues that may be at the source of the problem. Issues such as motivation, dealing with rejection, procrastination or poor concentration.

There are various types of dystonia, identified by where they occur in your body and what causes them. All involve involuntary muscle contractions that cause repetitive, often twisting movements, which produce sustained abnormal postures.

Writers Block
  • Generate ideas
  • Concentrate more efficiently
  • Eliminate fear of failure... or success
  • End your procrastination

Staring at a blank page or screen can be seriously demoralising – and the more you stare the harder it is to create or write. Hypnotherapy can help you overcome this hurdle by getting to the route of the problem – whether that be a lack of confidence or deep-seated emotions that are having a restrictive effect. You will also learn self-hypnosis techniques that will enable you to remove the obstacle that is getting in the way of your creativity.

Imagine how much more you would enjoy writing if:
• You could fill pages effortlessly with exciting and original material
• Your creativity reached a deeper level
• A blank page didn't give you feelings of dread and a lack of ideas
• You could feel free from the weight of expectations

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