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Sleep easy – there’s nothing to fear! – Mihith’s Story

When avid readers of my weekly Ask the Expert column in Friday Magazine, Anjana and Sudheert got in touch, they immediately decided to book a private consultation, to see if I could help Mihith with both his sleeping issues and his low confidence.

His mum Anjana and dad Sudheert, were faced with a real dilemma of what to do for the best. 9 year old Mihith did not like the dark at all, he was incredibly shy and lacked confidence. In fact, the anxiety he was feeling had become overwhelming for Mihith and it was now beginning to affect his school life.

Naturally, things had become difficult at home too. His sleeping issues meant those disturbed nights were beginning to take their toll on family life. The situation was troubling his parents. They wanted their son to be able to make the most of his childhood; to be happy, confident in his own skin and able to fulfil his potential academically. They knew nothing would change unless they tackled his confidence issues head on.

And this is what his proud parents said...“We’re so glad we got in touch, Russell has helped Mihith so much! For a start, he’s far more confident in himself. Even though he is academically excellent in the classroom, his shyness started to affect the public speaking and involvement in the School activities. Now there’s no stopping him and the teachers are really impressed by this turn around.

He’s transformed and we couldn’t be happier. That’s all down to Russell. In fact, we have never seen him so relaxed around anyone before. Usually, Mihith would shy away from adults, but with Russell it’s different. His child-centred approaches have worked wonders and Mihith has blossomed and is growing in confidence daily.

We’re so grateful to Russell that he has helped Mihith to overcome his fears. It’s a great relief to all of us! Russell’s gentle methods have boosted his confidence and our little boy is going from strength to strength. We’re so glad we decided to ask the expert!”

Russell’s child-focused approach is renowned for positive results, they worked for Mihith and they can work for you. Please get in touch in Dubai at 055 286 7275.

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