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Hamid update

When Hamid first came to see me a few years ago, he was a completely different boy. The handsome, sporty young man that I know so well now was hidden beneath layers of fat and he preferred the sofa to the soccer pitch. Back then, his mum Kaytoon was so worried that her son’s obesity problem was going to seriously take a toll on his future health that she enrolled him in my children’s WhyWeight? Programme.

Hamid’s diet of junk food and sugar laden sodas coupled with his obsession for playing computer games meant this was a boy whose body was aging well before its time. He was displaying the signs of wear and tear that we usually ascribe to much older people. His knees and ankles hurt so much that he found it increasingly difficult to join in any physical activity at school, making him socially isolated and a target for bullies. With his confidence at an all time low, he indulged his passion for eating even more to comfort himself and had narrowed his life down so much that his parents were desperately worried for him.

Now, three years down the line Hamid is the first to admit enrolling him on my lifestyle and weigh loss programme was one of the best things his mum could have done for him. Not only did he lose over 30 kilos and regain his love of sports, he also shot to the top of his class, improving his academic achievements dramatically. This is because his confidence skyrocketed and his new healthy diet and exercise plan gave him so much more energy and focus. Now he’s unrecognizable and going from strength to strength.

The Hemmings Way
We still keep in touch and he sometimes drops by to say hello. It’s fantastic to see that he’s still keeping up with the healthy lifestyle; he’s now a tall, slim athletic young man whose top exam results show that he’s got a bright future ahead of him!
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