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Fear of Flying

This issue affects millions of people around the world – so you’re certainly not alone!

I know, that for so many people, stepping foot on a plane fills them with such great fear that they can’t ever contemplate experiencing the wonders and opportunities that the world has to offer them. I am here to help you turn your fear around, so that you can take flight with confidence.

Logically, we know flying is the safest form of travel, but the reality is when panic sets in, we humans often find it very difficult to think logically. Your fear of flying has probably originated with a sense of feeling out of control. Your imagination plays an endless video through your head about the range of possibilities for encountering disaster. I can help.

Fear of Flying

fear of flying
750 AED
£159 | €181 | $204
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Exclusive advanced hypnosis series.

Does your mind goes into overdrive with thoughts of being locked into an enclosed space, strange noises and turbulence and then of course the real issue, the fear that you are going to crash? This unique Fear of Flying system from Russell Hemmings will help you. These 3 full and exclusive hypnosis download sessions will help reprogram your negative thoughts into positive ones... now the sky is the limit!

For best results always listen in order 0-4.

Self Hypnosis

self hypnosis
400 AED
£85 | €97 | $109
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Instant download. Russell Hemmings helps you to unlock your true potential through self hypnosis. Using the latest techniques in hypnosis, ultra relaxing background music, a short introduction explaining how hypnosis works and a full Self Hypnosis session, this download will help to build confidence, learn to quell anxiety and allow you to achieve your personal goals.

This download helps you learn how to relax through the power of hypnosis, it's an ideal starting point before moving on to other more issue specific downloads in the range.