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The boy who was hypnotised to fly home

The boy who was hypnotised to fly home
By Shiva Kumar Thekkepat - Friday Magazine

Joe Thompson was shivering when he stepped off the Qantas Airways’ Airbus A380 aircraft at 5.30am UK time at London’s Heathrow airport. It was cold, of course, but the shivers were due to more than the weather...

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What a super(A)star!

What a super(A)star!

The Jansz family were excited by the prospect of moving from their native Sri Lanka to Dubai to embark on a new chapter in their lives. The boys had new schools to go to and Mum Rochelle was hoping they’d get off to a flying start...

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From layabout to working it out

From layabout to working it out

“Arvind, you just can’t go on like this. Look at you. Your skin is sallow; you look so unhealthy because of all that junk you eat and I rarely see you get off that sofa. Me and your dad are so worried about you.”...

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‘I lost 35kg through hypnotherapy’

Life Lessons Through a Lens
Daniyal’s story

Daniyal Karmally’s weight ballooned at 14 when he lost interest in sports and became obsessed with video games and junk food. When the scales nudged 127kg he knew it was time to take drastic action...

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What an honour!

Russell Hemmings the time is now
Sarah Update

The ornate embossed envelope that topped off the pile of Friday Magazine ‘agony uncle’ letters on my desk, signalled something rather important was inside...

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Overcoming Presentation Anxiety

Russell Hemmings the time is now
Sophie’s STORY

As I walked into my office, I saw her sat on the sofa waiting for me, head bowed, her hands clasped together tightly. “Hi Sophie, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” I said, smiling to put her at her ease...

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‘I felt weight loss was a metaphorical mountain to climb’

Anne’s story
Anne’s story

After a terrible incident that happened when she was just eight, Dubai-based Anne Smith went from being a large girl in her pre-teens to clinically obese after becoming a mother...

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