Panic & Anxiety

Russell Hemmings
Living with panic attacks and dealing with anxiety is both exhausting and a self-perpetuating problem. It can restrict lives to such a degree that sufferers of panic disorder can even find it difficult to go about their normal daily life for fear of suffering an attack in public. Learning how to cope with panic is the key to overcoming this debilitating condition.

Panic, anxiety and understanding…
Built into all of us as a failsafe measure of protection, fear and anxiety can motivate you to take flight when danger threatens or fill you with adrenaline when the determination to overcome a situation that makes you nervous is strong. But if that response goes into overdrive, the result can be devastating. There’s no doubt about it, anxiety is a thief that can steal your life away little by little, or in some cases so dramatically that the sufferer is left unable to leave the confines of their safe place.

I see the effects of anxiety on a daily basis and believe me if you sufferer from it, I can confirm you are not alone! When anxiety gets a stranglehold on you, it can hold you back in both your career and your social life. It can close down the world for you, because you are constantly aware that you may dissolve into panic at any given moment if you find yourself out of your comfort zone, feeling exposed and vulnerable to what you perceive others think about you.

In my experience you can be a passenger of fear, letting it take you where it will, or you can get off that particular train and say to yourself I will stand and fight. The very moment you stand up to fear and anxiety is the very moment that you are giving yourself permission to be free. Yes, you will need help to walk the road to liberty, but what is for sure, though you may stumble along the way there is always a route to change. Even in the most extreme cases I have come across, with the will to do it, you can learn to manage your anxiety to such an extent that it has no hold over you any more.

And the only way to overcome panic?
Understand it. Understand the origin, understand the feelings it creates, confront it and control it. It’s possible…all you have to do is reach out for help. Please get in touch.

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