Audio Hypnosis Downloads

Begin your journey with Russell Hemmings today. We are what we think and the truth is that all human behavior originates in the mind. Let me help you make the changes you need at a sub-conscious level. Here you can access my exclusive instant download series, which covers a wide range of issues and will be available for your benefit on your smartphone, tablet, pc or media player in moments.

You can also arrange private appointments with me in Dubai. I look forward to being your guide on the road to change...

Access made simple

1. Choose your audio hypnosis

Browse our extensive range and make your selection(s) and place your order. Once your order has been processed, you will automaticlly receive a link to access your hypnosis file(s). All our audio files are high quality so make sure you allow them to download fully.

2. Easy install and use

These audio mp3 files can be treated in exactly the same way as any other mp3 file. So, simply add to your iTunes library, Windows Media library or simply double-click or double-tap. If there are multiple recoredings it’s important you listen to them in order for maximum benefit.

3. Tips and support

Whilst listening to this audio experience it is important to ensure you are not disturbed, that there are no pets in the room and your phone is off. Simply sit or lie comfortably and emerse yourself in the experience. Should you have any issues or difficulties our team are happy to help.