Some of the key children's and teen issues I help with...

Study Focus & Motivation

study focus
Effective study management and direction

Sometimes youngsters need some additional guidance to get them back on course with their studies. There are numerous reasons why their study focus just isn't 'clicking', and my professional support can help them fully engage with the task at hand. It's heartbreaking and frustrating for a parent to see their young one either struggling or lacking the motivation to study effectively. These are critical times and it's important to make the correct decisions now.

Time Management for Kids

time management for kids
Building on solid foundations

When I first began working on time management for kids it raised a few eyebrows. Now years later and hundreds of successes on it's decisively confirmed as a good idea! Instilling effective time management practices at a young age pays off doubly, as the youngster becomes more focused, more energised now (and gets more done!). Then, in later life they continue to follow the process and apply it to their studies and then their wider career choices. Now that's a great result.

Exam Blanking

exam blanking
Memory recall fail when you need it most

It's exam time. They've studied hard, they've prepared diligently over a long period, they're ready to excel, then...the time comes and their mind suddenly goes completely blank! All that key information has seemingly vanished into thin air, their ability to recall facts, figures, dates and knowledge eludes them. Why now? Why here? Why me? This is exam blanking and it's heartbreaking to witness it. I have pioneered a program to deal with this problem once and for all.

Panic & Anxiety in kids

panic and anxiety
Exam & Study Anxiety

Anxiety in young people is on the rise. The reasons are complex and far reaching and may include social media demands, peer group pressures or a fear of an uncertain future. Whatever the reasons our young people are suffering - they're anxious and they're suffering from panic attacks. I'm an expert in the field and I have a unique viewpoint, I experienced panic and anxiety first hand prior to becoming a life coach and therapist, in fact that's part of thr reason I'm here to help others now.

Eating, Weight & Lifestyle

diet, weight and lifestyle
Tackling childhood obesity

It’s well documented that I vowed to help combat teenage obesity in our region. It’s a passion of mine and it still continues to drive me on. In some ways the issue is complex and multifaceted and in others it’s simply consuming too much processed fat and refined sugar and doing too little! Whatever the reasons, I don’t find fault or apportion blame – I find answers and apportion responsibility! Childhood and teen obesity holds them back and leaves them feeling low. Let's tackle it.


The art of not getting things done

Why do kids procrastinate so much and don't knuckle down to their studies? There's a number of reasons for this, ranging from focusing on the wrong things at the wrong time, not being prepared, not being time-aware of what's required and when. Perhaps they don't know how to get started - so they don't! I've come across every incarnation of procrastination in kids and the good news is that I can unpick this behaviour and get them focused.

Self Confidence

self confidence in kids
Opening up to a brighter future

Confidence isn't something you're born with or not, it ebbs and flows and grows throughout life, but having very low self confidence can affect children and teens in a variety of ways. Of course, every child is unique, and their confidence responses are too, but when some children begin cut themselves off from their social ties and commitments, by avoiding friends, missing clubs and activities and even avoiding school completely because they lack self confidence. It's time to act.

Gaming Addiction

gaming addiction
Take control of the controller

This is an issue that is dramatically on the increase in our region and unfortunately I'm now seeing more and more cases. Gaming addiction can creep up on a young person and before they know it, most if not all of their time is spent playing. This issue extends to a wider screen-time addiction but gaming addiction also raises hidden health concerns as the activity is so sedentary, often leading to players becoming overweight and inactive. The long-term effects are worrying.

Behaviour & Anger Issues

behaviour and anger issues
Testing times for all

Childhood can be a tricky time for kids and parents alike! Minds and bodies are literally changing all of the time. Then 'bam' it's teen-time and all sorts of even more dramatic new changes and emotions come hurtling your way and you need to figure it all out somehow. It's little wonder kids and teens get angry and confused. It's natural for them to test their boundries, but when their behaviour becomes particularly challenging, it may need professional input and support.

Phobias & Fears

study focus
If you're scared of it - it's scary!

Over the years I've experienced and fixed numerous phobias and fears in kids. The 'traditional' ones such as insects, snakes and certain animals are still prevalent. However, other fears that might seem trivial or innocuous to some, are very frightening and very real to the sufferer. If they have a phobia they have an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something, whereas a fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. I can help with both.


Understood, never tolerated

This is an issue close to my heart. Bullying is everywhere and unfortunately appears to be on the rise, and I for one am making a stand. Although traditionally bullying was in the guise of the face-to-face bully making a young life a misery, there's now an increasing menace - the hidden face of the cyberbully. These cowards are insidiously seeping and creeping into all aspects of digital life of the young. Generally I work with the victim, although I do also help the perpetrator occasionally.


connect+ one-to-one sessions
Lock timezones and make it happen

Often young adults find it difficult to adjust to a new life overseas, be it studying in a new country with very different cultures and practices, or struggling with their studies or even missing loved ones. My Connect+ one-to-one sessions are an ideal way for them to benefit from my programs from anywhere in the world. This also works particularly well for continuity of help and support... start in Dubai, continue in Kolkata, finish in London. I will be right there for you.

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