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Are you looking for a solution to your weight issue? You have probably tried and failed many times to lose weight and keep it off. Losing weight is not easy, but it is necessary if you are going to give yourself the best chance of living a long and fulfilling life. My methods work – all you need is the will to commit to change and success will follow.

Some of the key weight control issues I help with...

Portion Control

portion control

In our supersized world, where food is often presented as some kind of challenge, it’s not surprising that we have grown unaccustomed to giving ourselves less. In fact it’s quite the opposite. If we were fed the portions our grandparents might have been given, we might think ourselves hard done by, against today’s standards. That’s because our view of healthy portion sizes has become totally distorted along with our stomachs. Remember, weight loss isn’t linear, it’s not a simple downward trajectory; it fluctuates, but if you come to a grinding halt, you need to be honest with yourself and re-evaluate your behaviour!

I will tame your portion distortion!

Emotional Eating

emotional eating

If we ate simply to satisfy hunger, our relationship with food would be very straightforward. The reality though for many people who are overweight is a very different one. That’s because they use food to try to fill an emotional void in their lives. They eat when they feel unhappy, they eat when they feel bored, they eat when they feel stressed, they eat when they feel lonely and temporarily they feel better. And when I say temporary, I’m talking minutes. After those minutes pass they are still left with the same feelings, probably compounded by guilt, and they are still left with the same life they had before they over indulged.

My role is to ‘reverse engineer’ these traits

Fad Diets

fad diets

Fad diets don’t work. Endless fad diets simply distract you from the main issue. They give you the illusion for a short time that you are in control of your life and then they unceremoniously dump you right back where you started along with a great big dose of feeling like a failure just to rub it in. We are bamboozled by the diet industry into thinking that food is the problem. We are led to think that if we control the way our bodies look, we can control all the other parts of our lives that prove to be difficult. The inherent problem with this idea is that life has a nasty habit of getting in the way. I say this often...Fad diets don’t work!

My solution is and will always be free from fad!

Motivation to Exercise

motivation to exercise

Haven’t you exercised at all for quite some time? Well you’re most definitely not alone in this. It’s believed that up to two thirds of the population do little or no beneficial exercise at any point during their week. So, where to start and how to start? That's where my weight control plan kicks in. One step, that's all it takes. That first step is the hardest step and this leads to another and another – and away you go! It absolutely doesn’t matter what your start point is, as I always remind my clients - even by doing the most moderate exercise you're still doing more than the person sat on the couch! Where there's a will, there's a way!

I will guide and motivate you.

Self Esteem

self esteem

Losing weight can also mean you are forced to confront painful events or issues from the past that caused you to put on the extra weight in the first place. You may have underlying issues of low self-esteem and sub-consciously believe you don’t deserve to be that person you have in your imagination. Holding on to the weight might mean that you don’t have to confront and deal with those painful emotions that might rise to the surface. If you’re someone in this situation, it’s imperative to seek professional help and support so that they can recommend a therapy that will help you to overcome this.

Over time you can make positive changes.

Oh Sugar, Sugar

oh sugar sugar

The mass marketing of sugar laden sodas and processed foods has transformed the way we value what we consume. Instead of being motivated by our survival instinct, we are more likely to be motivated by our emotions when we make food choices. The natural internal cues our ancestors relied on to signal hunger have been dulled by the impact of all the external cues we are subject to on a daily basis. These include advertising, non-stop diet advice and the fact that literally everywhere you go food and drinks are there to tempt us. These conflicting messages have blocked out the ability to listen to what our own bodies are telling us.

Sweets don’t always mean treats!

Chaotic Eating

chaotic eating

How to define a chaotic eater? Well, your eating is totally haphazard and you fit it around your schedule. You will tend to skip meals and go a long time between what I describe a ‘proper’ meal that involves cutlery of some description! Work is likely to be your top priority and you will tend to eat only when it enters your head and it is likely to be something that you have just ‘grabbed’ without much thought to its nutritional value. When you do finally come to a point when you can slot in a real meal, it dawns on you that you are actually ravenous and then you over eat to compensate for starving yourself earlier.

I will bring order to the chaos!

Self Sabotage

self sabotage

Success. It’s such a lovely word. But it might surprise you to know that deep down that many people are actually scared of achieving it. This fear may not be lying on the surface and you may not even be aware of it day to day, but it often emerges when we know we are facing a big challenge and we have to step up or shy away. That’s because inherent in the idea of success is the reality that by achieving it fundamentally you will change and this is a journey into the unknown. In short, you sub-consciously fear the transformation you desire, because you’re not quite sure what you’re going to end up with!

I will help you to help yourself.

Hungry? Really?

hungry? really?

Have you ever eaten so much that you feel physically sick, or conversely starved yourself on a diet to the point where you are so focused on food that you could gorge yourself on it? Often our signals around food have become so blurred that we have forgotten what hunger feels like, we have forgotten what eating enough to be satisfied feels like and on top of that we completely mess up the signals by adding diets into the mix. This confusion of mixed signals means that we don’t know where we stand with food anymore. We go from stuffing ourselves to starving ourselves and back again, flip-flopping between these two polar extremes.

I will teach you to understand the signals.

The Sleepwalk Eater

comfort eating

You got married had a family and you gained weight. It’s so easy to sleepwalk into doing this. And by sleepwalk, I mean you don’t really acknowledge it as an issue until something jolts you out of your dream like an unflattering photo or a medical problem. Statistically 62% of all couples increase their weight after marriage because they develop new habits. There are many people out there that will try to convince you that the only reason you overeat is because you must be unhappy with yourself in some way. For many people that is true, but not everyone who is overweight has become that way because they are not happy.

I will help to wake you up!

Processed Food

binge eating

So what does the term ‘processed’ actually mean? Of course with mass food production most of our foods have been through some kind of process, unless you grow your own! But what I’m talking about here when I discuss ‘processed food’ are foods that have been produced using some kind of chemical process and contain refined or artificial substances and are often high in sugar, fat, salt and other chemical additives. The major issue with processed foods is that they contain ‘empty’ calories, meaning that they are dense in fat and/or sugar but have very low nutritional benefit. Add fast food into the mix and the issues can be doubled.

Let's work through this to bring lasting change.


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