Phobias & Fears

Russell Hemmings
Most people have an irrational fear of something. It’s a normal human reaction to what we perceive as danger. This can occur at any age and it’s fine if those feelings rarely present themselves, but for some people fear can become so severe that it restricts their daily life.

So what’s the difference between phobia and fear?
Well both are common and can cause acute distress, but a phobia is so intense and irrational that it can make you dramatically alter your life so that you can avoid confronting it. There are three types of phobia:

Specific – linked to a particular object, animal or natural phenomena

Situational – linked to situations such as flying or meeting new people

Agoraphobia – linked to being in situations where escape might be difficult. This leads to the sufferer staying in a ‘safe space’, unable to venture beyond the boundaries.

Knock down the old and build new!
When I work with a client with this issue, the first challange is always to break the habit or addictive cycle – that in itself is good news, however, I strive for something else, aiming for even better news. We replace the bad with good, so double the return.

“Russell Hemmings is a globally recognised expert in the treatment and management of phobias and fears. His ability to help sufferers overcome their issues have hit the headlines around the world. His unique approach is highly successful in transforming lives, leaving many clients phobia and fear free – and ready to enjoy life again. Russell tailors his packages to personal needs and a key way he can do this successfully is through his much sought after private sessions".

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