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Introducing Connect+... wherever / whenever
russell hemmings online sessions
These are the most testing of times that we find ourselves living through right now. The world is in unchartered waters and we’re all facing challenges that are new, complex and frightening. This uncertainty is leading to anxiety, stress and a flare-up of phobias and other issues.

One ray of hope is that technology is luckily working to our advantage. By connecting through any of the universally accessable apps, I deliver my cutting-edge techniques directly to you into your own home – irrespective of where that may be or in what time zone. These one-to-one sessions still feel ‘right’, and the results we’ve been achieving have been remarkable. People are becoming increasingly comfortable with communicating this way, it's rapidly becoming normal practice, which in turn makes the process and the associated results we’re getting work very smoothly.

One-to-one sessions are now for clients everywhere and anywhere from around the globe to around the corner! No time-zone is a no-go zone - I work to make it work.

I’m available to help you, I’m also available to help your loved ones. Wherever you, or they, are in the world – all that’s required is the internet and the ‘help-connection’ can be made. My Connect+ sessions are a great way of experiencing my personal sessions. It’s the fast, private and convenient way to deal with a range of issues without distance being an obsticle. The cost is AED 3995 per session and a Connect+ session duration is typically 1.5 hours.

I’m proud to be helping many people this way and I could help you as well. Please get in touch. R.

russell hemmings online sessions

Can anything cure the homesick blues?

meet neha

When Neha secured her place at a prestigious medical university & teaching hospital in the USA, her family could not have been more overjoyed. Years of hard work, self-sacrifice and dedicated study had finally paid off. At first all was well, Neha threw herself into this new phase and initially she appeared to be adjusting to her new life in America. But then the problems started and homesickness became an issue.

“She was calling home at all hours, so upset and saying she didn’t fit in there” her mom Shivani explains, “she was not adjusting to the lifestyle, she had always been on the shy side and said she wasn’t ever going to fit in and wanted to come home!” The family were at a loss to know what to do for the best. Russell Hemmings was suggested to offer life coaching with adjustment & directional guidance for her via the internet. “What can I say, in a matter of a few sessions she had gone from having her bags packed to re-engaging with her studies and making new friends. Russell had completely turned the situation around.”

A word from Neha “Russell has a way of making you see and not just look – he helps you discover the meaning of things in a way that’s difficult to describe. I know I’d have lost this opportunity forever without Russell being there on my iPad, and that’s priceless.”

Going the distance with exam anxiety

meet rohit

Rojit has always been a little shy, but that didn’t stop him from being a high-achiever. It wasn’t until he faced his first year exams at university that his parents started to notice that he was struggling academically.

“My son is a caring, sensitive young man, but being away from home for extended periods of time started to cause problems at university” recalls Rojit’s mum Varsha, “He began to struggle to maintain his grades. When my husband and I tried to talk to him about the issues with his studies he became more and more withdrawn and refused to discuss it with us. He was not opening up to us about his exam-anxiety, which was becoming a serious problem.”

Rojit had developed pronounced anxiety around exams; this led to him experiencing problems with his memory recall. This ‘exam-blanking’ began to have a terrible effect on his grades, which also, in turn affected his mood.

“He was slipping into a vicious cycle” Varsha continues, “we just didn’t know where to turn; we were overjoyed when we discovered that Russell offered online sessions. It was like a weight was lifted, and we started to see there was hope for our son and his studies! When Rojit came back home for the holidays, we really noticed a change. Russell had a profound effect on him - he overcame his exam-anxiety [and his grades reflected this!] but he also had a lot more confidence in himself. Russell really helped him to ‘come out of his shell’!”

Suddenly just being average is a shock for Arjun!

meet neha

You may be familiar with the term ‘a small fish in a big pond’; well for Arjun that’s a phrase that could have been created just for him. Arjun is a smart guy, always has been. He stood out at school, he shone at college and things always had a knack of going his way. He was one of those enviable people who didn’t need to try all that hard and could still get the result. All that changed when Arjun was successful in his bid for an internship at a highly-respected and prominent firm in London.

“I thought it would be easy, I assumed I’d be top of the pile and that I’d cruise to a successful international career. I was so wrong! From day one it was obvious that the other interns were awesome, off the scale sharp and I was way out of my depth on virtually every level” says a candid Arjun. “I went downhill rapidly and began feeling like I was a failure. I didn’t want to continue in London and assumed they’d kick me out in due course!”

When Russell was contacted by Arjun’s family they relayed how shocked they were that Arjun had lost his trademark self confidence so quickly. He had become withdrawn and was now avoiding going to the office as often as he could. They were concerned Arjun might even be experiencing anxiety issues. Russell suggested some online coaching and hypnosis sessions with Arjun...

“Amazing, talk about learning curve! I can’t thank my family enough for setting up the sessions with Russell. It helped that he knew London so well, but what was a bigger shock was that he knew me so well - not ‘me’ me at first, just that he’d experienced my issue so often he knew how to rectify it. Although we were 7000km from each other, it always felt like we were connected, in the same room.”

Arjun is doing well and hopes to remain in London. He keeps in touch with Russell.

A welcome release for Agoraphobic Sneha

meet sheha

Trapped indoors for almost a decade, Sneha’s loving family never expected to see her out of her home again. What began as panic and anxiety soon grew to become full-blown agoraphobia – the fear of being in situations where escape might be difficult or that help wouldn't be available if things go wrong. Most people assume agoraphobia is a simple fear of open spaces, but it’s far more complex than that. And Sneha’s situation was extreme.

Her husband Mahesh explains “We didn’t know who to turn to, it was an impossible situation, she wasn’t able to leave the house to get the help she needed. We heard about Russell and the work he’s done with simililar sufferers over in the UK. I called and he suggested online sessions, I didn’t know such a thing was even possible!”

Generally speaking, Agoraphobia develops as a complication of an anxiety disorder centered around panic attacks and moments of intense fear. It arrises by associating panic attacks with the situations and places where they occurred and then actively avoiding them. Sneha was avoiding every possible situation outside her house, hence she was a prisoner in her own home and her own fear.

Mahesh continues “Russell was breath of fresh air, we learnt that he’d experienced agoraphobia first hand as a child [his mother was a sufferer], so he had a unique insight into what Sneha’s world was like. So, now we move forward to after the sessions and there she is stood in the courtyard awaiting my return! I couldn’t believe my eyes. She says her aim is to travel into Dubai to meet Russell and to thank him. Like Russell says... one step at a time.”

Key benefits of Connect+
  • · There’s no need for any form of travel
  • · You’re in the comfort of your own home or student accommodation
  • · Online Connect+ sessions are extremely private
  • · Familiar surroundings may help to put you more at ease
  • · All life coaching and hypnosis is tailored to your exact needs and requirements
  • · No time-zone or geographical restrictions
  • · Absolute and complete discretion is guaranteed
  • · Immediate help for loved ones from a trusted source