Russell Hemmings
Being a parent can sometimes be a tough job. Knowing what to do for the best when your child is anxious or exhibiting behavior that you find difficult to manage can be emotionally exhausting and leave you feeling powerless and unsure of how to move forward.

New generation, new challenges
With over two decades of experience dealing with the issues that children and teens often find difficult to overcome without expert help, means I am ideally placed to support your family. From motivating young people to achieve academically, growing their confidence to overcome anxiety, to helping your child live a healthy lifestyle, I'm proud of the success in helping children and their families we’ve had in transforming lives and unlockeding bright futures.

Raising expectations
We all want the best for our children. We invest in their education, hoping to secure their financial and emotional wellbeing for the future. But sometimes children just need that additional bit of support and guidance that will help them go the extra mile and succeed. So how do you raise a well-rounded child? The key is to create an atmosphere of support at home so that your child grows up confident and motivated with his or her achievements and ambitions. I will guide and support you by working closely with each child and their family, creating individual programmes for success.

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