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Russell Hemmings Real Lives

Doctor with a phobia of needles…

This sounds like a joke, but it was a deadly serious issue for Dr Aisling Martin. When she first read about my work in the media, she was on the verge of giving up her promising medical career. She knew that if she couldn’t find a way of dealing with her phobia, she would be giving up everything she had worked so hard to achieve. Luckily, she had read with interest about my successful work with people suffering from extreme phobias and anxiety issues.

During that first session, she told me she hadn’t had an injection or a blood test for more than 10 years and the thought of having to give them to patients sent her into a cold sweat. At one point, medical staff even chased her round a hospital room to try to get her to have an immunisation jab. She refused to have an operation if it meant having an injection first. Phobias are formed when a specific trigger, such as a needle, creates a very strong physical response on initial encounter.

The brain then sends aversion signals to the body whenever the trigger is confronted again and the body replicates the same fear response. Hypnosis works by breaking this established pattern, re-mapping the brain to elicit a positive response to the trigger, so that you can stay calm and collected enough to encounter the thing you fear the most at any time. After just a couple of sessions Dr Martin was completely cured and able to fully embrace her chosen career.

She describes the transformation in her own words -

"I was on the verge of giving up a promising medical career all because of my fear of needles. I was so afraid that I hadn't had an injection or blood test for more than 10 years. I couldn't even administer an injection to patients. Thankfully, I went to see Russell Hemmings and through a course of treatment at his clinic I have overcome my phobia - my career and life is back on track. I would never have made it as a doctor with his help"

Russell helped Dr Aisling Martin with her phobia, and he can help you too. Please call to discover how.

Russell Hemmings is a world renowned life coach and hypnotherapist working with clients on a range of issues from his bases in Dubai and the UK.

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