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The ornate embossed envelope that topped off the pile of Friday Magazine ‘agony uncle’ letters on my desk, signalled something rather important was inside. Curious, I opened it hastily and was thrilled when the contents became apparent. The very personal message began ‘To a very important person in my life’, which of course made me read quicker to find out who it was from!

Weight loss
weight loss

I was thrilled to learn that a former client of mine, Sarah Jones, was getting married and she had asked me to be the guest of honour. You might remember her amazing story of transformation that was featured in Friday Magazine. A couple of years ago, she had boarded a plane and suffered a dreadful humiliation when the stewardess had to give her a special seatbelt as she was too overweight for a standard one. Over the years she’d tried so many fad diets, but none of them worked; in fact, she’d actually steadily gained weight! After seeking out my help, she followed The Mind Diet system developed by me to create successful healthy long term weight loss.

In just eight months she’d lost a massive 32kg! I remember asking her at the time what had made the difference this time around and she replied, “Two things, Russell…firstly, it’s so easy to follow and stick to, because it made me go through a process of exploring why I was overeating and the second thing is definitely the fact that it is combined with hypnosis. I truly believe that helped me to normalise my hunger signals and reduce the massive food cravings I used to get.”

That was a couple of years ago and I’d stayed in contact with Sarah, just to make sure that she was maintaining her new lifestyle. Every time we’d talked, she’d been so positive when she talked about how she’d never return to those old eating habits that she had battled. “It doesn’t even enter my head to want to eat all of that unhealthy stuff anymore. The only battle I have now is the fact that I can’t stand it if I ever have to miss an exercise class!”

Looking down at the personal invitation, I read on. ‘Dear Russell, we would so happy if you would be an honoured guest at our forthcoming wedding. Everything changed for the better when I lost the weight and it would be so fitting if you could be there to witness the best day of my life, because those changes are a result of our work together.’

Well the honour was all mine. I penned a reply that reflected my real joy at the news and at being invited, then and got down to the business of booking flights to Cancun, Mexico where the wedding was to take place. It may have been the other side of the world but I wouldn’t miss it. When I begin a journey with a client it can sometimes lead to some amazing places – normally metaphorically, but occasionally literally!

And what a wedding! Sarah was the most radiant bride. She glowed with health and happiness and I was truly humbled when her father talked about how proud he was of how his beautiful daughter had transformed her life and gone on to meet the man of her dreams.

So, a big thank you to the newlyweds for asking me to be part of their special day!

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