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Russell Hemmings Real Lives

I was set free from my fear of travel

It’s always wonderful to meet other professionals who dedicate their lives to helping people overcome health and wellbeing issues, so I was truly humbled when Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach Christina Barrientos reached out to me for help. Christina, a successful entrepreneur, was, on the surface a real powerhouse. Even though she suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis, she doesn’t let it hold her back and is positive and upbeat. However, she was hiding a particular issue that was seriously impeding her life.

Coming from a large and close knit family, Christina has always tried to make the effort to stay in contact whilst living in Dubai and enjoyed the yearly family trip to catch up. However, whilst attending one of these annual reunions, which consisted of an exciting road trip across the USA, Christina fell ill with the flu and what was supposed to be a wonderful family experience actually turned into a long-term nightmare for her.

Feeling very ill whilst in the car, her brain sub-consciously made the connection between travel and fear of being unwell and when she got back to the UAE she found she couldn’t contemplate even the shortest of journeys either by car or boat. Her fear was so crippling that she even had to pass up the chance to go with her family on a luxury cruise, making her excuses because she simply couldn’t face the idea of going on a boat.

With her 50th birthday looming, her family keen for her to celebrate in style and suggested the all take a short trip to Abu Dhabi. But even the thought of this was too much for Christina to bear. She knew she had to ring the changes and do something about it, if she was going to make the most of the rest of her life, but she wasn’t quite sure where to turn to for help.

Until, that is, she opened a copy of Friday Magazine and read an article about how I had helped a woman lose an incredible amount of weight through my methods. Though she was looking for something slightly different, she instantly felt that I would be able to help her overcome her own problems…

“My first session was an eye opener as Russell explained to me in detail how he would go about tackling the issue. He traced the start of my fears to the car journey in the and listened intently to me as I described what I was going through. I really felt he understood what I had been through and that warmth and empathy shone out from him. Russell used a combination of talk therapy and hypnosis. Hypnosis was not a new experience for me because I had undergone one before, but somehow he made me feel more comfortable and relaxed. He asked me to continue working on things at home, by giving me access to one of his wonderful downloads. I saw an improvement immediately after the first session. I was able to go to my monthly infusion for my Rheumatoid Arthritis feeling calm and in control unlike previous ones when I would feel anxious and slightly afraid. I had a total of 4 sessions with Russell and benefitted immensely. I would definitely not hesitate to consult with him again should other issues arise.

There have been several huge changes since treatment. I am now able to drive to Abu Dhabi and even as far as Ras Al Khaimah which I couldn’t do before. Incredibly, I even managed to take a boat trip on a recent family holiday, which actually turned out quite badly as we were confronted with a terrible thunderstorm, our boat being tossed about in the huge waves with the wind and rain driving in our faces. All about me were panicking, but I kept my mind focused on everything Russell had taught me. Immediately I closed my eyes, started the deep breathing techniques and began meditating as he instructed. I could actually hear his voice counting off and telling me to be calm and relaxed. At that point I felt no fear, anxiety or panic. Just a sense of stillness and control.

We finally sailed over to the other side with me meditating all the way, the feeling of calmness accompanying me. I was amazed that I could face something so terrifying and stay so strong. That’s all thanks to Russell! I tell everyone about him and I’m so glad I didn’t treat myself to a designer handbag for my 50th, but invested in myself and my future by making that appointment with Russell.”

Russell helped Christina with her phobias and he can help you too. Please call to discover how.

Russell Hemmings is a world renowned life coach and hypnotherapist working with clients on a range of issues from his bases in Dubai and the UK.

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