Russell’s Real Lives

Russell Hemmings Real Lives

A smoke-free role model...Jigar's Story

Last year, after reading about my work in Friday Magazine, Jigar, a twenty-nine year old professional decided to get in touch. I helped him quit smoking for good. I was delighted when the family came to the office recently. Here Jigar shares his story in his own words.

“Becoming a father was a real turning point in my life. It caused me to really take stock. Deep down I knew that if I didn’t give up the cigarettes there was a possibility that I might be facing a future of health worries and even premature death and I knew that if I was going to take my responsibilities as a father seriously, it was now or never

In all other areas of my life I had always done things on my terms and generally considered myself in control. However, when it came to smoking, nothing I ever did to try and stop had worked. It was an addiction that had controlled me for 13 years and I wanted all that to change. I knew Russell had had amazing success with highly complex issues for other people, so I thought he’d be the one who could help me.

I’m thrilled to say it worked! I’m completely cured of my addiction. It’s an amazing feeling of freedom and I know I have done something that is going to benefit both my own and my family’s future. What Russell does is so much more than just helping you quit something… he helps you to look at life in a different way. In each session he took the time to share his vast wealth of experience and I can truly say it has changed my life on so many levels. So thank you Russell from the bottom of my heart. You have given me the confidence and strength to understand I can achieve whatever I want when I put myself in control.”

'I wanted more than anything to be a role model for my son and I also knew that if I was a smoker, he’d grow up being more likely to take up the habit himself. I didn’t want that for him. You helped me quit. Thank you Russell."

Russell Hemmings Real Lives
Russell helped Jigar become smoke-free and he can help you do it too. Please call to discover how.

Russell Hemmings is a world renowned life coach and hypnotherapist working with clients on a range of issues from his bases in Dubai and the UK.
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