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Russell Hemmings Real Lives

Inspirational Mom takes action on Gaming Addiction - Sahil and Shan's story

“It took Russell just a couple of sessions with my twins, Sahil and Shan, to achieve something I had been attempting to accomplish for three years,” remembers Naila, their mum. “The boys developed an addiction to video games at age thirteen. They were gaming for four hours straight on weekdays and fourteen hours a day at weekends. They were always holed up in their rooms, headsets on, literally in another world. They avoided spending time with family and made excuses when it came to social gatherings. When their grades began to plummet in school, that’s when we knew we had to get some professional help. We chose someone who had a highly successful track record with regards to helping individuals turn their lives was a real case of family versus the machine and they had chosen the machine.”

After reading an answer I gave to a worried parent who had written to Friday Magazine’s Ask the Expert column about mobile phone addiction, Naila connected with the advice and felt that it would be great to bring the twins to see me. After talking to both of them at length, it was clear they knew they had a problem, but had no idea how to begin escaping their obsession. I decided that alongside the coaching, I would use my unique hypnosis techniques especially designed for children and teens, in order to break their addiction at a sub-conscious level.

Russell Hemmings Real Lives

“When I first took the boys to meet Russell, he told me he was going to use a combination of hypnosis and life coaching to help them. I felt like we had lost them to the console and I just wanted to get them back,” their worried mum recalls.

“What Russell did for them exceeded my expectations by a long way. Not only did the twins seem so much happier and much more talkative, but, unprompted, they both decided that they wanted to ‘pull the plug’ on gaming altogether. The day they decided to sell their gaming desktops was one of the best days of my life. At first, they did not know what to do with themselves, but Russell had also spent time coaching them on how to deal with these difficult feelings. He had also spoken to me about ways I could support them. Russell always coaches both the parent and the child. Initially, it was extremely tough for them to disconnect from gaming, but Russell had amply prepared us for this phase. To their credit, they held firm to their pledge and just a few weeks later the change in them was dramatic."

And now... "Sahil has now become an avid reader. This is making a tremendous impact on his academic achievements. Shan is exploring many different career options, including cooking and psychology! They both now swim, work out regularly and have become more fit. In short, they are healthier both physically and mentally; bonds are being forged with their other siblings and once again we all get around the table and chat. Russell initiated a true 360-degree transformation in the twins. He has a real gift with children. Russell intuitively seems to understand children and teenagers. In return, they put their trust in him which enables him to help them. He has been the boys coach and mentor and they have benefitted immeasurably. Shan told me the other day that he considers Russell to be one of his role models. I would recommend Russell’s wise guidance to any parent struggling, no matter what issue they are facing.”

Russell helped Sahil and Shan overcome their gaming addiction and he can help your youngster too. Please call to discover how.

Russell is a child & teen expert in confidence, concentration, social skills, perfectionism, laziness, gadget addiction, study focus, procrastination and time management.

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