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A Weight Has Been Lifted – Sonali’s Story

When Sonali walked in into my office, I could almost feel she was carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. Something in her body language made me register the tension she was carrying inside and it felt like she’d created her own barrier to protect herself.

During that first session, there was a confirmation of my initial thinking. Sonali told me she had been regularly having debilitating migraines and that she’d been told they were down to overthinking and stress.

Overthinking or ‘analysis paralysis’ means that you are so consumed by your thoughts, weighing up every angle of an issue, that you find it hard to make decisions. In fact, you get stuck in a thought loop and this causes very intense stress. It’s like tying yourself to a pole with a rope and then going around and around until it’s so tightly wound that you’re trapped fast.

“I’d read Russell’s ‘Ask the Expert’ responses in Friday Magazine for over a year and I’d been impressed by how he dealt with people’s problems. It made me feel like I could trust him, so that’s when I decided to get in touch. I’d been really suffering with migraines and I felt very low and lacking in any confidence,” recalls Sonali. “At first I was a little nervous about telling him all my inner fears, but after a few minutes into the first session, I felt so at ease, it just felt natural to confide in him. That was such an incredible turning point for me. It led to this wave of relief sweeping over me and that coupled with the hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques meant I left feeling as light as air!”

I mapped out a personal programme for Sonali to follow over the next four sessions and we worked on building her resilience in stress triggering situations. “During the journey with Russell, I have gained in both insight and confidence. I am now able to manage my thoughts and keep things in perspective. This means I can deal with people and situations far more easily and the strategies he has taught me have proved invaluable. Russell is not just a life coach for me, he is a true mentor and I can’t thank him enough for what he has enabled me to achieve.”

Sonali also felt her weight was knocking her confidence. “I really wanted to tackle that too as I know it is like physical symbol of how I feel inside. If I could take control of that, then I could take control of anything! I’m now beginning The Mind Diet, Russell’s personally guided health programme and already I feel it’s making a big difference. I’m someone who never exercised at all, spending most of my time on the couch consumed by my phone, but now I get out and go for power walks and I feel absolutely great! Not only is it good for my mind, but it’s filling me with energy and optimism and I’m already starting to lose weight. I feel so positive about the future now and that’s down to the way Russell empowers you to tackle things head on!”

Sonali’s journey has been wonderful so far and I can’t wait to see the new heights it’s going to take her to.

Keep going, because with your new found confidence and determination, you’re going to go from strength to strength Sonali!

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