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Ready to take on the world! - Sooraj’s Story

We hear a great deal about ‘self-worth’. It’s one of those buzz phrases that is so often used that we assimilate it into our vocabulary, but don’t necessarily think about what it actually means. Having an intrinsic sense of ‘self-worth’ means that you value yourself and that value is not dependent on the ups and downs of life, but rather it is a good solid foundation on which to build and it gives you resilience when things don’t go to plan.

When Sooraj, 17, walked into my office, I felt his sense of ‘self-worth’ was at an all time low. Even his body language revealed his withdrawal from the world; his shoulders down, his eyes averted from meeting mine. His mum, Mary Cecelia Edward, was very concerned that his low confidence was going to hold him back from achieving at school and had turned to me for help. She had read about the work I do with young people to raise their confidence and the positive ripple effect this has through their lives.

After I worked with Sooraj over a number of sessions, she was amazed at the transformation. This withdrawn young man had rekindled his zest for life, had grown in confidence and stature and was keen to pursue his dream of becoming a top DJ.

“I felt like I had my son back,” Mary Cecelia Edward recalls. “Sooraj had gone into his shell after a major setback and we were so worried that he would never emerge. Now, thanks to Russell, he has put all that behind him and is firmly focused on a successful future. ”

The teenaged years can be so difficult for a young people to navigate, their confidence often takes a battering, so Russell’s strategies for helping Sooraj to rebuild his, were so valuable. Now he’s ready to take on any challenge and his enthusiasm and renewed confidence is heartening to see. Thank you Russell.”

Russell helped Sooraj with his confidence and withdrawal issues and he can help your youngster too. Please call to discover how.

Russell is a child & teen expert in confidence, concentration, social skills, perfectionism, laziness, gadget addiction, study focus, procrastination and time management.

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