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Russell Hemmings Real Lives

Bursting the phobia of balloons!

It’s a familiar scene. Little kids enjoying a birthday party surrounded by colourful balloons when one goes pop causing surprise and occasionally a few tears. But for 8-year-old Alex the consequences of this not uncommon occurrence were completely devastating. Whilst at a classmate’s party, the loud bang of a balloon caused such shock and trauma to the sensitive young boy that he became utterly terrified by them. Just seeing an image of them brought him to tears and he was totally unable to go to any celebration for fear of encountering one of these party favourites. His associations with that initial feeling of dread had rooted so deep into his psyche that his mum Marissa was at a loss to know how to help him.

Though she had never heard of it before, what Alex had actually developed was globophobia – a fear of balloons, which causes the sufferer to shun any potential encounters. Naturally, Marissa wanted Alex to be able to those enjoy fun times with his friends and family that form some of the happiest childhood memories, but at the mere suggestion that a party might be on the calendar would cause Alex such deep anxiety that it was painful for his parents to feel so powerless to help him. That’s until Marissa read of Russell’s specialist work focused on helping children overcome a wide range of anxiety issues in Friday Magazine. She decided to see if Alex could become one of his success stories and booked an appointment.

“I was confident I could help young Alex,” recalls Russell. “Phobias often develop in childhood and I knew that if we could deal with Alex’s fear early on it would prevent it from growing into something which could cause him serious anxiety issues in the future.”

Russell Hemmings Real Lives

In the words of his mum, Marissa - “I’m thrilled and so relieved! The way Russell worked with Alex was amazing. He was incredibly in tune with Alex’s perceptions of what had happened to cause this unusual fear and the way he got him to take gentle steps towards overcoming it was inspiring. Alex is definitely a happier and more confident little boy because of it. Thank you Russell! You’ve made it possible for Alex to enjoy his childhood to the full.”

Russell helped Alex with his face his fears, and he can help your youngster too. Please call to discover how.

Russell is a child & teen expert in confidence, concentration, social skills, perfectionism, laziness, gadget addiction, study focus, procrastination and time management.

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