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Russell Hemmings Real Lives

From shy to try, to confidence high! - Alexandre's Story

When 9-year-old Alexandre Buchard’s mum Fabienne got in contact with me she sounded worried about her son. “He’s struggling to keep up at school, he seems tired all of the time and he just seems so anxious around the other kids in his class,” Fabienne said, her voice filled with concern. I suggested she bring him over to see me, so that I could meet him and make an initial assessment.

At that first meeting more became apparent. Alexandre was incredibly shy and clung to his mother. When I gently questioned her, Fabienne acknowledged that she was concerned that he lacked independence, because he was struggled with confidence and this in turn affected his feelings of self-belief.

I decided that growing Alexandre’s feeling of resilience, so that he would believe that he could achieve something, rather than not trying, because he feared failure, was the most effective course of action.

Working with this young man and seeing him come out of his shell has been so rewarding. Seeing him develop greater maturity and that determination to keep going even if he doesn’t get things right first time around is wonderful.

So when we received the following message, it really made my day… “Hi Russell, I just wanted to share the great news with you that Alexandre has been tested in reading today and has made an amazing jump of 2 levels in 5 weeks! We are all so happy, what you have achieved with Alexandre is just so wonderful and a real cause for celebration. We know that there is still a lot to do, but I really feel that we are on the right track now! Many thanks for all of your help.

Kind regards, Fabienne Buchard.”

Russell Hemmings Real Lives

…my pleasure Fabienne and a big well done to Alexandre. I knew you could do it!

Russell helped Alexandre with his confidence and fear of failure, and he can help your youngster too. Please call to discover how.

Russell is a child & teen expert in confidence, concentration, social skills, perfectionism, laziness, gadget addiction, study focus, procrastination and time management.

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