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Russell Hemmings Real Lives

Exam re-focus - Kshitij passes the test

When parents of 15 year old Kshitij, Ashwin and Shilpa, got in touch, they were becoming increasingly concerned about their son’s exam performance and educational focus. Kshitij had always done well at school, he is a naturally talented young man with great prospects, however, his eye had been distracted from the bigger picture, and as his dedicated parents were looking forward to him moving into the next big stage of his education – university, they knew they would need to tackle his plummeting study commitment now.

How did they know something was wrong? Parents often say they have a feeling, a ‘sixth sense’ that things are beginning to veer off course. In Kshitij’s case his grades had begun to slip, and so had his focus on revision time and study. Like many teens today he’d begun spending far too much time on his smartphone and on social media, often chatting with his friends late into the night. The cost of this increasing focus on online behavior is often at the expense of important offline activities such as family and study time. Naturally his parents began to have concerns – Kshitij was at a crucial stage academically, and if he didn’t turn his focus issues around now they might just follow him to into higher education. Or even the curtail opportunities available to him.

As his dad Ashwin explains – “We’ve invested a large amount of love, effort and time into supporting our son’s schooling. We would definitely describe ourselves as ‘hands-on’ parents and we like to be as involved as possible with Kshitij’s academic life.” He continues. “We were dismayed to see him struggling with his exams, and we were concerned at just how much of his time it’s possible to spend on social media!”

Russell Hemmings Real Lives

How and why did you come to get in touch with Russell Hemmings? “We value expertise and experience, and that’s why we only wanted Russell to help our son. We’d seen the support he’d given others, that’s why he was the default choice in our minds. We are glad we made the decision to make contact, as the work he did wasn’t isolated or distant, he involved us, it’s a holistic approach with a clear goal at the end.”

Russell used a combination of motivational life coaching, ‘future-scoping’ and hypnosis to help Kshitij over a number of sessions. He worked on the premise that Kshitij had the tools, he now needed to re-apply himself and learn to use them again.

Ashwin explains how all the pieces fell into place “We now understood that as his grades fell, so did his confidence, as his confidence ebbed away then exam anxiety creeps in and begins to take its toll. Russell stopped this cycle and gave Kshitij the capability to look at a clearer pathway for success.”

And now... “Kshitij has really gotten his focus back. He’s no longer distracted when he revises, and we’ve been seeing a lot more of him as a family. His exams performance has skyrocketed, and he’s back on track towards achieving his goals. Kshitij still talks about the sessions and how he carries all the advice Russell gave into each exam. We know he’s heading towards a bright future, and we couldn’t be prouder. Thank you Russell.”

Russell helped Kshitij with his exam focus, confidence, exam anxiety and ‘future-scoping' and he can help your youngster too. Please call to discover how.

Russell is a child & teen expert in confidence, concentration, social skills, perfectionism, laziness, gadget addiction, study focus, procrastination and time management.

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