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Russell Hemmings Real Lives

Grounded by my fear of airline food… Not anymore!

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I helped Rohan Patel finally take to the skies after curing his fear of flying. Being such a gregarious and sociable young man, it was hard for Rohan’s parents to see him reduced to a quivering wreck in the airport anytime they tried to get him to board a plane.

As frequent international travellers, Rohan’s panic and anxiety was also seriously restricting their options when it came to going away as a family and he also felt he had to say no to going away on school trips abroad, because not only was he petrified to fly, he was also horrified by the thought of his school pals seeing him have a panic attack.

His life was becoming so restricted by his crippling phobia, that his parents were beginning to exhaust all hope of ever finding a solution. Thankfully, Karishma, his mum, was flicking though Friday Magazine when she came across a story about how I’d helped a young boy called Hamid lose a lot of weight using my specialist techniques. She didn’t hesitate to get in touch to see if I could help Rohan with his issue.

Ironically, after the first session with Rohan, it became very clear to me that he didn’t actually have a fear of flying, but in fact had a fear of being sick on the plane triggered by the connection his brain had made between feeling sick whilst flying and the smell of airline food. I was able to completely reprogram his mind to actually smell the scent of his favourite aftershave whenever food was being distributed on a flight.

This totally broke the connection he had made between flying a feeling ill and he successfully took his first flight back to India to see his extended family after the course of sessions had ended. I was so pleased for him and his parents were so relieved. This confident and intelligent young man could get on with his life and enjoy all of the opportunities that being able to fly again presented him with.

Russell Hemmings Real Lives
'When he went through the airport for the first time after seeing Russell it was like he was a completely different person than before. He was back to normal! Thank you Russell. ' - Karishma Patel.

Russell helped Rohan with his fear of flying and he can help your youngster too. Please call to discover how.

Russell is a child & teen expert in confidence, concentration, social skills, perfectionism, laziness, gadget addiction, study focus, procrastination and time management.

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