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Russell Hemmings Real Lives

My mother suffered 12 years of panic attacks – but now she’s cured

It’s been a year since a desperate Ovais Hakeem walked into my office and asked if I could help his mother. For twelve years Rubina had been suffering with panic attacks triggered by extreme anxiety and had become a virtual recluse, fearful of putting herself in any situation which might lead to becoming overwhelmed.

I’m pleased to say that after being treated on my Freedom From Fear programme, Rubina remains completely panic free one year on and I just wanted to share this touching message that her loving son sent to me in celebration of that fact…

‘Hi Russell, A year has passed by. I just wanted to let you know that today my mother is celebrating her first anniversary of being panic attack free. And what a year it’s been for her! She has lived life to the full once more, travelling frequently by air and road and participating fully in all the family activities. Most importantly she hasn’t had one panic attack and her feelings of anxiety have completely disappeared. This is way beyond what we hoped you would be able to achieve, and we couldn’t be happier. May you remain blessed and continue helping your clients in the same way as you helped our mother. I wish you every success in your great work.’

Russell Hemmings Real Lives

Russell helped Rubina overcome her anxiety and he can help you too. Please call to discover how.

Russell Hemmings is a world renowned life coach and hypnotherapist working with clients on a range of issues from his bases in Dubai and the UK.

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